Slow but steady - performance you can rely on

Track-mounted and Portable Slow-Speed Shredders

Reducing your material means you need machinery that can take a hit. At Frontline, we offer a vast range of slow-speed, high-torque shredders for sale and rent including single and double shaft configurations, wheeled or tracked designs, and various horse power options to choose from. Each shredder we provide is easy to handle and specifically designed for recycling wood waste, green waste, municipal and household waste, construction and demolition (C&D) waste, and bulky, industrial waste. Our range or shredders offer flexibility, application versatility and powerful performance for both primary and secondary shredding applications. Whether you are in waste and recycling management or biomass production we have the shredding solution for you.

Leasing & Finance

Investing into a new piece of heavy equipment is not always an easy choice to make for any organization. At Frontline you can get customized equipment financing solutions to fit your personal needs from short-term to long-term financing, to rental and rental-to-own purchases.

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