Heavy-duty design slow speed shredder for hard to shred materials

Neuenhauser Targo 3000 Wheeled Slow Speed Shredder

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Similar to the Targo 3000 tracked slow-speed shredder, the Targo 3000 wheeled unit is able to handle some of the most difficult shredding application found in waste and recycling management. Ideal for processing materials such as wood waste, household waste, organic waste, bulky waste, and construction and demolition (C&D) waste, the Targo 3000 is one of the most advanced and powerful shredders on the market today offering high torque and intelligent shredding.

Designed with a 3m single shaft with a hydraulically controlled shredding comb, the shredding shaft rotates at 31 rpm and is equipped with 21 screw on teeth for quick and easy replacement. The unique smart drive of the shredder shaft ensures high energy efficiency with maximum throughput. The gyrating mass adds torque during shredding and maintains full torque even when in reverse mode.

Downtime is greatly reduced with the Targo 3000 as the counter-comb is hydraulically protected against damage that may be caused due to contamination. If the shredder shaft is blocked, the counter comb can easily deflect and the cutting gap between the shaft and counter comb teeth can be adjusted to permit a constant shredding result.

Performance Highlights

  • Excellent accessibility to the motor compartment for maintenance and service work
    • All necessary fluids are filled from the ground level
  • Simple, easy-to-use machine operations and control panel
  • Unique, energy efficient direct drive resulting increased mass for extra torque
  • Full toque avialable in reverse mode
  • The diesel engine can be started without additional action
    • Shredder shaft is activity only by controls
  • Hydraulic folding counter comb for optimized accessibility
  • Screw-on wear plates and teeth for simple replacement resulting in reduced downtime for maintenance
  • Hydraulically secured counter comb mitigating damage as a result of contamination
  • Adjustable cutting gap between shaft and counter comb teeth
  • Extra long discharge conveyor for large stockpiling and truck loading


  • Green waste
  • Biowaste
  • Log timber
  • Roots
  • Domestic waste
  • Residual waste
  • Construction & demolition waste
  • Wood waste
  • Bulky industrial waste

Key model attributes



Shredding Area

600 x 3,000mm


500 hp


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