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When it comes to processing food, garden and green waste, you need machines which can handle wet and dry material, and break it down effectively for re-purposing. Made to shred and screen organic materials all in one machine, Frontline Machinery offers track-mounted slow speed shredders (also referred to as low-speed high torque shredders) portable trommel screens (also referred to as trommel drums or drum screeners), and star screeners for the production of compost, garden soils, bark mulch, wood chips, hog fuel, animal bedding, and more.

Soil, mulch, and compost shredders, grinders, and screeners


Frontline offers an elite selection of Doppstadt machines for shredding and grinding organic material. Both the Doppstadt DW3060 and Doppstadt DW3080 are perfect for primary reduction of wood and green wastes to a perfect finished product with reduced fines for mulch production. The Doppstadt DZ 750 combines two principles into one—the power of a slow speed shredder and the precision of a high-speed grinder in one simple to use machine.

Frontline’s top selection for screening soil and mulch comes from Doppstadt and Neuenhauser. The Doppstadt 720K reliably works through difficult material, carried out by a 20ft rotating drum and a patented load-sensing feed. The largest of the Doppstadt SM trommel series, the Doppstadt SM 726 delivers the most efficient, high volume output of any trommel screen in the market. For heavy production of sticky material, the Neuenhauser 3F provides high performance with generous discharge belts.

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See The Mechanics Of The DZ 750 Shredder

The DZ 750 combines shredding and grinding in one single machine. Thanks to this combination even the most difficult materials can be processed into a usable product in just one process step.


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