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Spraystream S7.5


Spraystream uses innovative methods to prevent and control dust, based on the principle of atomizing. Because large surface areas are nebulized simultaneously, Spraystream focuses on efficient and sustainable dust control.

The Spraystream S7.5 is a fogging machine that produces a curtain of micro-droplets that absorbs airborne dust and drops it to the ground. This type is among the larger fog cannons in our range and is mainly used for outdoor fogging. This unit is available mobile but can also be mounted. The type of unit is ideal for demolition and building demolition. This type of fog cannon can be used for both dust control and odor control.

A large amount of dust in the air is disastrous for the surroundings and harmful to the environment and public health. Particulate matter is even considered one of the leading causes of lung diseases at this time. More and more attention is being paid to this issue and government bodies are expanding their monitoring.

Efficient dust control is a must today. However, the creation and distribution of dust is unavoidable in some industries, such as the recycling and soil remediation sectors. But you can easily address this issue using water atomizing. Spraystream has developed a wide range of atomizer technologies for industrial dust control in both interior and exterior applications. These innovative technologies control the spread of dust by about 90%. These sustainable machines also consume up to 95% less water than classical solutions.

When micro-droplets come into contact with dust, both materials merge and fall, removing the dust from the air.

The Spraystream S7.5 

Throw: 50 meters
Total load: 27 amps
Water flow: 60 l/min

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Application: Dust Suppression

Manufacturer: Spraystream

Model: Spraystream S4.0

Performance Highlights



  • Unrivaled Performance
  • Quick replacement of atomizers due to rapid-lock system
  • Wind guides ensure that a turbulent airflow is converted into a laminar airflow leading to minimum water flow losses
  • Default electrical oscillation allows the fans to withstand high performances
  • Intuitive machines are very easy to use and can be controlled remotely
  • High quality GRUNDFOS maintenance-free pumps
  • Patented cone shape leads to a maximum range with a minimum capacity
  • Cone made from a high-quality composite creating lighter machines with lower corrosion risk
  • Modular systems to fit your custom needs
  • Patented tilting chassis
  • Eliminates unpleasant odors
  • Mist particles absorb odor particles
  • Additives can be added to the water using a dosing pump
  • Additives neutralize unpleasant odors
  • Disinfectants can be added to water
  • All Spraystream additives are harmless and biodegradable

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