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Optical Belt Scale

Accurate, reliable, and user friendly volumetric belt scale

How does it work?

  1. The sensor scans and measures the material on the conveyor and in real-time, wirelessly transfers the data to your handheld device.
  2. From the handheld, you can set customer and material profiles. Then with a simple touch of a button, download, print, or email measurement results.
  3. Data can be exported for further analysis and cost estimating. Review factors such as throughput and productivity, equipment uptime, black belt downtime, and production trends for an effective job and profit management.

The H-Sensortechnik Optical Belt Scale combines innovation with precision in their volumetric material measurement belt scale. Replacing and removing the challenges of traditional conveyor belt scales, the Optical Belt Scale is an ideal solution for aggregate, soil and mulch, wood and biomass, and waste or recycling.

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See the Optical Belt Scale in action!


Performance Highlights


  • Cutting-edge laser technology
  • Contact-free volumetric scanner
  • 99.8% accurate results
  • Unaffected by wind, dust, temperature, and vibration
  • Unaffected by changing conveyor angle
  • No moving parts
  • Calibrate only once
  • Easily track performance




Advanced analytics

Optical Belt Scale’s advanced analytics delivers operational insights to support increased yields and reduced costs through visualizations and BI dashboard delivered through SensorTrack – an information management tool that tracks metrics, data and KPIs relevant to production performance and material throughput.


An established alternative to traditional belt scales, the Optical Belt Scale does not require ongoing recalibration. With no moving parts or contact areas, there is minimal ongoing servicing required.

Highly compatible

The Sensortechnik optical belt scale is perfect for stationary conveyor belts, pivoting and folding conveyors, as well as on short ribbed belts and chevron belts. Belt tension will no longer be a factor, with Sensortechnik, the Optical Belt Scale is not affected by the tension variance due to temperature changes or poor adjustments.

PLC integration

For organizations operating on a programmable logic controller (PLC) or an in-house BI reporting tool, the scale has seamless integration capabilities offering flow rate control and continuous monitoring. This flexibility allows user to select the method of setup and communication which suits their application best.


Why Optical Belt Scale?



Industry leader

Leading the pack in innovation and accuracy for material scanning is H-Sensortechnik’s Optical Belt Scale. Sensortechnik Optical Belt Scale is the industry-leading volumetric scanning technology, originating from Austria, where it has been the proven choice in Europe for over 15 years


Private family owned

The company’s history goes back to 1947 when the first company was founded by the current President’s grandfather. Innovation and constant progress with a highly qualified team enable H-Sensortechnick to offer products to our customers that increase their productivity.


Global presence

With units all over the globe, Optical Belt Scale is revolutionizing the way material measurement is handled, from aggregates to waste & recycling, or stationary conveyors to tracked equipment. Featuring the accuracy, longevity, and data-rich results that put you in control of your operations.

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