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Matec Attritec Attrition Cell

Attritec attrition cells are used for the recovery of sand and fines through the scrubbing of contaminants within wet processing applications.

Attritec attrition cells are used to effectively remove the pollutants on the surface of sand in contaminated slurries by scrubbing (friction). Scrubbing is generated by agitators inside the machine. The machine has two or more cells according to the contact times needed for optimal separation.

The attrition cells are an ideal step to be implemented before the hydrocyclonic process of the slurry. Their applications are as follows:

  • Contaminated sites (soil-washing): the soil particles are washed in order to disintegrate the contaminants from their surfaces
  • Pre-flotation treatment of the slurry: the washing of the particles before the flotation process guarantees an increase in the selectivity and a reduction of consumption of reagents
  • Mechanical preparation of minerals
  • Separation of grains of sand from minerals and cement
  • Removal of clay and iron stains from sand
  • Breaking up of balls of clay and bituminous material for the recovery of valuable minerals which may be present on the sand grains
  • For an intensive conditioning, ideal for lime slaking
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Application: Aggregate

Manufacturer: Matec

Configuration: Stationary

Model: Sandtec

One Supplier. Infinite Solutions.

Matec Industries presents the all-in-one solution they have created at Towens Recycled Aggregates in the UK. The revolution in the aggregate washing industry has reached its peak—washing, and filtration in ONE SOLUTION.




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Creating systems that harmonize industry and the environment has always been Matec’s main goal. With more than 20 specialized engineers and designers, their expertise in the world of water treatment, paired with the latest wet processing innovations, Matec is able to supply a complete turnkey system.

Exceeding Service Expectations

Matec’s objective is complete customer satisfaction, guaranteeing a rapid after-sales service, but also a pre-sales consultancy service in order to precisely identify the real needs of potential customers. Matec has installed over 4000 purification systems worldwide, 500 in the last two years: this is the real guarantee of their quality service.


All machine construction takes place entirely in-house to guarantee a top-quality Italian-made product capable of satisfying even the most demanding sectors. Matec continues to succeed with its quality control while providing remarkable craftsmanship and customizations geared toward individual needs.

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