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Ecotec TFC 75 Organics High Level Feeder Conveyor

High level feeder engineered for the stockpiling and aerating lower density, bulky materials such as soil, mulch, biomass and compost

The TFC 75 Organics high-level feeder has been engineered specifically for the stockpiling and aerating of lower density, bulky materials such as soil, mulch, biomass, and compost.  Located at the hopper outlet, the auger provides aeration and an untangling solution for organic materials.  The auger flips, rotates, and regulates the flow of material minimizing fluctuations in the bulk density of organic materials, and is equipped with replaceable hardened paddle wear plates.  High capacity, bespoke hopper design efficiently transfers and prevents the bridging of material.  The reverse functionality of the feeder enables blockages to be cleared and oversized material removed.  Controlled and efficient flow of material is guaranteed due to the adjustable operating speed of the feeder belt.

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FinancingTechnical Specs


Performance Highlights


Performance Highlights

  • Hopper
    • Target Area: 4040mm (13′ 3″) x 2000mm (6′ 7″)
    • Capacity: 10m3
    • Feed in Height: 3.52m (11′ 6″)
  • Discharge Conveyor
    • Conveyor Length: 22.6m (74′ 2″)
    • Belt Width: 1200mm (47″)
  • Feed Conveyor
    • Belt Width: 1400mm (56″)
    • Variable Speed
    • Feeder Reverse Function
  • Undercarriage
    • Heavy duty tracks
    • 4300mm centres, 400mm shoe
  • Powerunit
    • CAT 4.4 82kW (110HP) Tier 4 Final @ 1800 RPM
  • Max discharge height 9.8 m (32′ 2″)


  • Canvas Dust Covers on Discharge Conveyor
  • Canvas Dust Covers Complete with Dust Hood on Discharge Conveyor
  • Twin Drive Discharge Conveyor
  • Anti-Roll Back Flaps
  • Discharge Belt Upgraded To 3 Ply Heavy Duty Plain Belt
  • Discharge Conveyor Drive Drum Upgraded to Ceramic Lagging
  • Discharge Conveyor Underguard Option Length of Mid Section
  • Dust Suppression at Conveyor Head Drum (Spray Bar Only)
  • Belt Weigher
  • Overband Magnet at Feedboot of Discharge Conveyor
  • Radio Remote to Start/Stop Feeder, Raise/Lower Discharge
  • Pull Cord E-Stop Running Length of Conveyor
  • Radio Remote Control Tracking
  • Plain Belt EP400/3 4+2
  • Telemetry System c/w 3 years Data Subscription




Specially engineered

Designed specifically for the stockpiling and aerating of lower density, bulky materials such as soil, mulch, biomass, and compost, the TFC 75 organics high-level Feeder features an auger that flips and rotates the material untangling and separating it.

Unique hopper design

The high capacity, bespoke hopper is specifically designed to prevent bridging of low dense, bulky materials.


Fully protected Caterpillar C4.4 4-cylinder power-unit provides easy ground access for service and maintenance.

Custom options

The TFC 75 high-level feeder stacking conveyor comes with an extensive list of custom options for application versatility including overband magnets, dust covers, radio remotes, 3-ply belts, dust suppression and much more.


Why Ecotec?



Vast product porfolio

Ecotec’s broad range of equipment allows for more targeted efficiency in niche operations. Behind an aggressive research and development strategy, Terex Ecotec now offers a full product portfolio that meets the needs of today’s professionals and will shape the industry for years to come. The Terex Ecotec product line has grown significantly and expanded production out of a new 105,000 square foot manufacturing facility Today their comprehensive product portfolio includes, Slow, Medium & High Speed Shredders, Trommel Screens, Recycling Screens, Waste Handlers, and conveyors.


Field support

Ecotec is your proven industry-leading partner for the design, service, and support of primary waste recycling, wood recycling, and composting equipment. They have dedicated sales and service staff for the Ecotec product range with a driving focus on providing customers the best support in and out of the field. Their world-class dealer distribution network provides the sales and aftermarket service demanded in the marketplace giving customers the support required to maximize production and minimize downtime.


Industry leader

Terex® Ecotec, part of the wider Terex Materials Processing group, is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of wood processing, biomass, and recycling equipment. The range of innovative machines available is robust yet user-friendly with a focus on throughput, efficiency, and serviceability. Their world-class range of mobile equipment that will shape the industry for years to come.