A standalone solution for debarking and high quality chip production

CBI 7544 Flail Debarker & Disc Chipper Combo

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Flail 604 Unit

CBI’s Magnum Force Flail is engineered to be the industry’s most rugged and productive delimber/debarker, capable of processing logs up to 24” in diameter. Coupled with our Disc Chipper 754, the Magnum Force Flail is the ideal tool for the pulp and paper industry and others looking for high production and quality, uniform wood chips. CBI’s four-roll flail design provides optimum contact with wood to deliver maximum debarking action. Consisting of four 44” long by 40” diameter drums, the flail is capable of running single or dual 8-link chains and speeds of 200-700 rpm. The top flail positions are determined by the top feed roll cylinder positioning sensors and the flail rpm is automatically adjusted based on log diameter. Flail drums are driven by high pressure hydraulic piston motors via synchronous belt drives. The motors are driven by high-efficiency hydrostatic hydraulic pumps. Material is fed into and out of the flail chamber by pivoting large diameter and high-torque top feed roll assemblies with position-sensing cylinders to achieve optimum debarking performance. All cylinders are specially designed with heavy-duty
clevises and pins for long life and durability. Infeed rolls monitor  the height of incoming material and automatically adjust height and speed of flail rolls, improving debarking by reducing chain wear, fiber loss, and fuel consumption. Bottom feed rolls are driven by direct-coupled Char-Lynn motors through a Brevini gearbox. Topfeed rolls are internally driven by Poclain hightorque wheel motors and are completely covered to eliminate spillage. The completely-enclosed system prevents debris from escaping the flail chamber, drastically reducing maintenance.

Disc Chipper 754 Unit

It is capable of producing high-quality wood chips from 3/8”–1” for the pulp and paper industry at up to 200 tons per hour. The 75” diameter 4-knife chipper disc is provided by Fulghum Industries, Inc., and delivers the most uniform chip thickness and chip length. Providing a continuous positive feed, the top feed roll is equipped with a high-torque  Poclain internal drive and the bottom feed roll is equipped with a high-torque Brevini planetary drive, both designed for extended life and reduced maintenance. The trash separator on the DC 754 discharges on the opposite
side of the chip discharge, which allows for convenient side-by-side processing especially while chipping on road sides. The discharge chute folds hydraulically for transport and multi-angular chute work provides for the most chip trailer loading. The complete chipper hood also opens hydraulically for easier servicing. The complete chipper housing is protected by bolt-in wear liners. It is equipped with a 1200 hp, CAT C-32 engine and comes with a PT Tech 15 PTO hydraulic clutch. Access to the engine from both sides simplifies maintenance. Additional features include an extra large AKG radiator for dusty and high ambient temperature operations, Flexxaire auto-reversible fan, Donaldson air ltering system with Enginaire pre-cleaners, fire suppression (optional), emergency shutdown, and
all-weather electrical control enclosures. The control system by Parker IQAN provides increased monitoring and protection. Radio remote control with full mechanical backup runs all functions of the chipper.


49,000 kg

Feed Opening

610 x 1524 mm


1200 HP

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