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Matec Industries

Matec’s superiority in washing is what sets them apart from the competition. This renowned Italian-born company has achieved global recognition with offices established worldwide. Matec specializes in designing and manufacturing complete plants for wastewater purification and filtration in various sectors, including coal, iron ore, aggregates, gravel, sand, stone, concrete, ceramic, and glass.

Matec’s primary goal is to ensure complete customer satisfaction. They guarantee a swift after-sale service and provide presale consultancy to assess potential customers’ needs accordingly. With their systems, better results are attainable by maximizing costs, preserving precious materials, and decreasing disposal costs. Matec is an unwavering and reliable partner for all your waste water purification and filtration necessities.

Our Promise

From washing to filtration. Matec is there to support you, step by step. The creation of systems which harmonize cutting-edge industry and the environment has always been one of Matec's main objectives. Matec is continuously searching for innovation, to offer customers complete and efficient plants in the aggregates, recycling, sand production and mining sectors.

Matec Industries | Quick Facts

  • Matec Dealers Worldwide 150
  • Wash Plant Installed 4000+
  • Founding Year 2004
  • Installations in 80 Countries
  • Headquarters Square Footage 8700 SQ FT
  • Manufacturing Square Footage 7600 SQ FT


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