Unmatched After-Sale Support for Parts and Services

Frontline Machinery is committed to providing you with the the best parts and services department in BC and Alberta. That means having parts in-stock and ready to ship at a moment’s notice.

For every piece of machinery we sell, we stock all common wear parts in our warehouse, ready to ship to your location the next day. This includes parts for all of our European made machines as well as domestic parts. Our extensive inventory of parts will ensure there is minimal downtime for your project.

Immediate Response Times

Frontline employs experienced mechanics, in-field service technicians and phone support specialists to provide after-sale support for our full line of equipment. Let’s face it, equipment breaks down under heavy or improper use and our number one concern is making sure your production environment stays on task and on budget.

We are always just a phone call away and ready to handle any technical issues that might come up. Our team has been known to drop everything and drive to a remote location in the middle of the night in order to make sure that a machine was in optimal running condition at the start of production the next day.

For us at Frontline, selling or renting high quality equipment is only half the battle. Providing unequaled after-sale support, immediate access to parts and quick service response times is the reason why customers continue to recommend Frontline Machinery for a variety of different heavy machinery applications.

For more details on how Frontline can improve and add value to your project, contact us online or call 1-855-625-2009.

Click below for a list of machinery makes and models that we carry an extensive inventory of parts for:

  • Product Parts List

    • Keestrack
      • All Models
    • Doppstadt
      • All Models
    • GIPO
      • All models
    • Diamond Z
      • All Models
    • LoadScan
      • All Models
    • Sensortechnik Optical Belt Scale
      • All Models