Excavator Attachments: Hydraulic Accessories

Frontline Machinery offers a full line up of excavator attachments suitable for the construction, mining, mulch & biomass, quarry & sandpit, waste & recycling and many other industries.

Hydraulic Breakers
Our Hydraulic breaker is a premium excavator attachment featuring a noise reduction system with surrounded damper and a closed frame. The wide oil flow range allows for fast hard-hitting performance; and no diaphragm to replace which saves you maintenance costs and downtime.

Rotating Stone & Wood Grapples
Our grapples are made from abrasion resistant steel and offer a safety check valve in the cylinder which prevents material from falling. Both the stone and wood grapples provide excellent loading performance.

Shears & Pulverizers
When cutting up and breaking up matters, our line of shears and pulverizer excavator attachments are up for the job.

Our hydraulic compactor’s are extremely effective for compacting a variety of jobs including narrow ditches. With a quality hydraulic motor, this compactor attachment will get the job done.

Frontline Machinery’s line of hydraulic excavator attachments provide a range of high-performing and hard-working options to fit most equipment sizes. For more information on our hydraulic excavator attachment line up, give us a call or check out the PDF spec sheets below.

Hydraulic Excavator Attachment Image

Excavator Attachment Breakers


Frontline offers an extensive line up of hydraulic breaker excavator attachments to fit a variety of equipment and material size.

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Excavator Attachments Rotating Stone & Wood Grapples

Rotating Stone & Wood Grapples

Whether picking up logs, wood waste or stones, our we have the right grapple for your job.

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Excavator Attachments Shears & Pulverizers

Shears & Pulverizers

Smash and cut your way through stone and metal waste with Frontline’s shear and pulverizer attachments.

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Excavator Attachments Compactors


Create the right foundation for your project with our hydraulic Compactor.

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