Reliable and trusted impact crusher for any job site

GIPOREC 150 C/FDR Impact Crusher
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With high capacity and GIPO reliability, this 150 is the impact crusher to have on hand for any job site. Rapid operational readiness, high mobility and minimum set up times make this an ideal machine for contractors on the move.

The GIPOREC 150 is designed with two impact racks, variable adjustment of the rotor speed, and a fully hydraulic drive. This system provides operators with direct control over the material being crushed. With the 2-deck screen and oversized particle feedback option, you can be confident this machine will operate continuously with any material, from construction waste to hard rock.

GIPO is a globally recognized for its expertise in soil and stone industries. This knowledge has set the foundation for machines like the REC 150 to give your project a reliable and powerful machine to create results you need for a quality production.

Performance Highlights C/FDR

  • State-of-the art technology, high mobility and minimum time required for deployment
  • Swiss quality
  • Fully hydraulic drive concept
  • Large space preventing material gaps
  • High mobility with short setup time
  • Powerful CATERPILLAR diesel engine
  • Chassis adaptations for transport systems
  • Strong two-pole magnet  
  • Hydraulically adjustable breaking gap
  • Rapid operational readiness
  • Continuously adjustable rotor speed with high torque

Key model attributes C/FDR


Up to 600 tph



71,000 kg


74,000 kg



10 m3


9 m3


1,300 mm (51”)


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