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Edge Innovate MC 1400

Material classifier mechanically separating impurities from highly contaminated material

The EDGE MC1400 material classifier provides operators with the ability to extract impurities from highly contaminated material in just one pass. Utilizing controlled air flow as a separation medium, the MC1400 is the ideal solution for the cleaning of compost and biomass fractions with its ability to separate heavy fractions from lights. With easily adjustable components such as fan speed, feed conveyor belt speed and drum positioning; the EDGE MC1400 density separator has the capacity to handle a wide range of applications.

The Material Classifier allows operators to separate up to four different fractions as standard; lights (plastic, paper, film) mid-weight (wood) and heavy fractions (aggregate, glass, etc.). With ferrous metals being extracted via the magnetic head drum pulley found on the heavy fraction discharge conveyor with the option of attaching an additional magnet to the mid-weight conveyor. Available as track, semi-trailer or static chassis formats, operators have the option of selecting a unit with a diesel/hydraulic power unit, a diesel genset or a direct electric drive.


Application: Wood recycling & forestry

Manufacturer: Edge

Configuration: Mobile (Tracked)

Model: Edge Innovate MC 1400

New/Used: New

See the Edge Innovate MC 1400 in action!

Check out the EDGE MC1400 utilizing controlled airflow as a separation medium for the cleaning of compost and biomass fractions. Separating heavy fractions from lights.


Performance Highlights



  • Complete airborne material separation provides superior final products
  • Vacuum option can be disabled and closed off for applications where light plastic extraction is not required
  • The extremely wide feed conveyor provides an even spread of material for efficient separation
  • Closed design helps control air flow and minimizes air depressurization while minimizing dust creation with reduced spilage
  • Designed for quick and easy transportation via low-loader
  • Four product separation solution for waste and organics recycling industries
  • Available in tracked, semi-trailer or static chassis formats
  • Innovative “”Sea-Can friendly”” design for global export


  • Biomass
  • Compost
  • Construction & demolition waste
  • Mulch
  • MSW




Primary Split

  • The light and mid-weight material is blown over the drum separator, with the plastics, papers, and films being directed towards the cyclone chamber.
  • Heavy material passes through the air stream and drops down to be stockpiled via the heavies
    discharge conveyor.


  • The adjustable drum separator divides the falling material into the light and heavy fractions.
  • Hydraulically adjustable, the Drum Spilter can move position and vary the rotational speed to provide optimum production depending on material input and desired final product specification..


  • Light and mid-weight material continues into the cyclone chamber and is split for a second time via the speed adjustable Vacuum Fan.
  • Light materials are sucked out from the chamber via the vacuum fan and are transferred into the container via a flexible duct.
  • The mid-weight material unaffected by the vacuum fan transfers onto the Mid-Weight Discharge Conveyor.


  • The Secondary Vacuum fan fitted over the Mid-Weight Discharge Conveyor creates the fourth spilt that captures any lightweight material that may have passed through the primary split are collected.
  • The optional fourth spilt is recommended for heavily contaminated waste streams with a high percentage of light-weight material.





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With over 25 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing; EDGE Innovate has quickly become a global leader in the design and distribution of a range of equipment used in the recycling, materials handling and quarry industries.


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EDGE Innovate’s equipment can be seen working in over 52 different countries in a wide range of different industries with the brand being supported via a 50 plus strong distributor network.


Aggressive product development roadmap

EDGE Innovate has quickly gained a foothold into the competitive material handling and recycling equipment manufacturing sectors through implementing an aggressive product development program, creating an ever-increasing annual turnover, and employing over 170 people directly.

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