Neuenhauser Heavy Equipment

As a market leader in screening solutions, Neuenhauser is a diverse manufacturing company producing machines and plants for preparation of green waste, waste wood, organic waste, plasterboard, coal, wood chips, and more. As a modern German facility, they are focused on solving customer-specific challenges within various market segments from textile, to commercial vehicles, to environmental and screening solutions.

This network of companies that came together for one powerhouse is becoming the leading solution for every market, from textile and commercial vehicles, to environmental and screening solutions.

Our Promise

Interaction leads to innovation. Active engagement with our customers enables us as a group of companies to continually create and implement new developments to optimize existing products and processes. Our concepts and expert industry knowledge allow us to offer top-tier product and services to our valued customers. We find individual solutions to ensure the highest quality and efficiencies for every need
- Neuenhauser Group

Neuenhauser | Quick Facts

  • Year founded 1955
  • Number of employees 2,800
  • Number of headquarter employees 500
  • Number of brands under Neuenhauser Group 19

Equipment Range


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