Loadscan Technology

Since 1998, the Load Volume Scanner has been developed to easily and accurately measure the volume of aggregate and soil being moved onto, off, and around sites. The need for this product was driven through the civil construction industry where materials for the construction of roadways, subdivisions, landfills and building sites where being tendered and paid base volumetric figures.

Since its acquisition from Terry Clerk in 2012, Loadscan has continued to develop the LVS product line to include portable, semi-portable and fixed gantry models and extended compatible truck types.  

Our Promise

“My father pioneered volumetric measurement and load scanning systems over a decade ago and I’m proud build upon his work. He was obsessed with accuracy and that’s what has led us to manufacture this game-changing technology. Loadscan is trusted by industry to increase profits and operational efficiency because our scanners are proven accurate to plus or minus 1%. We're proud to be the only load volume scanner manufacturer that can give customers a robust guarantee of reliability.”
- Carey West, Loadscan owner

Loadscan | Quick Facts

Loadscan is bringing a whole line of innovative load volume scanners and establishing their technology as a necessity in the industry.

  • 1998 Founding year
  • 1999 Year certified in New Zealand
  • 2009 First LVS used in North America
  • 2010 Year of trade approval in Australia
  • 2014 Year of portable and semi portable units

Equipment Range:


The LoadScan takes the guesswork out of our inventory by automating the whole process. With the volume amount that we bring into this yard, you can imagine at the end of every day how much volume discrepancy there would be. This now measures it and allows us to know load by load by exactly what is in there.

Shawn Hermus, Manager
Biomass & Reload Operations - ‎Ledcor Forest Products Partnership


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