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Founded in 1965 as an agricultural service contractor in the Bergische area of Germany, Doppstadt has transformed into the world’s leading solution provider in the field of environmental technologies. Servicing customers in more than 40 countries, Doppstadt provides innovative solutions focused on waste treatment, volume reduction, material recycling, reclamation and processing of soil, sand and gravel and the production of biofuels.  

50 years ago, the first generation of the family established the Doppstadt environmental technology business. Today, second-generation entrepreneur Ferdinand Doppstadt leads the internationally active group of companies.

Our Promise

Werner Doppstadt laid the foundations for the worldwide success of the Doppstadt Group, whose technology still moves the world and whose convincing quality and performance are based on tradition. His passion, his unstoppable ambition and visions have shaped and continue to accompany the business to this very day.

Doppstadt | Quick Facts

Doppstadt is a world-known brand known for innovative technology and environmental solutions.

  • 1965 Founding year
  • 40+ # of countries
  • 400 # of employees
  • 6 # of facilities
  • 222,000m² Main manufacturing facility
  • 28,000m² Sales & service centre

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