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Neuenhauser Star Screeners

The preparation of biomass and separation of sticky materials found in recycled materials and waste requires aggressive and efficient screening technology. Neuenhauser has set the bar with their mobile star screener line. Each machine is equipped with diesel-hydraulic drives, quick changeable screens and a generous hopper. With options such as tracked or on a semi-trailer, and a 2 or 3 fraction process, Neuenhauser star screeners can be tailored to meet any challenging application from industrial and household waste to soil and mulch to wood and organic waste.  Shop Frontline's selection of new & used equipment for rent and sale.

New Star Screeners

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Used Star Screeners

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Leasing & Finance

Investing into a new piece of heavy equipment is not always an easy choice to make for any organization. At Frontline you can get customized equipment financing solutions to fit your personal needs from short-term to long-term financing, to rental and rental-to-own purchases.

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